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Power Word Symbol. D20 with a heart in the middle. Pink grey and white.

Material Components Provided.

Colour spray of  pretty paint.
Candy floss looking thing.
Whispy pink cloud
Splashes on backboard.
Pink wisp.
Pink splish splash.
Epic and enigmatic shinobi with lots of shurikens attached to the hip. Robed clothes with a mask and spikey hair.
Evil looking female night rider. Blacked out hood and face not visable. Large blade in hand.
Creepy old wizard shaman with crooked staff and a large hat. Holding a censer in his hand. Decayed clothing.
A large knight holding a heater shield. Strong imposing presence in heavy armour.
Gunslinger wielding shotgun/rifle wearing a large trench coat. Face hidden with glowing eye. Cowboy hat.
Beautiful painter mage. Holding a giant paintbrush and wearing a rounded sorcerer hat.
Creepy lovecraftian puppet/doll lady. Very tall, wearing aristocrat clothing and a top hat.
Cyborg woman with a laser wrist blade. Lots of on show wires that look like sinew.
Elegant Cleric holding a mace whilst wearing robed armour and a blindfold.
Ground aura.
Another misty black smoke.
An epic dragon slayer remniscent of a dragoon. Holding a spear and posing.
A smooth and stylish cartomancer. Lots of playing cards line pockets whilst he holds a heart in his hand.
Floor shadow
Shadow on floor
Oval shade on ground.
Power word logo. Eclipsed sword behind a retro sci-fi font.
Paint spray with reds and whites.

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Wyrmslayer Banner.png
Not this one
This one
not a mistake
romantic colour
Medium armour soldier wielding a polearm.
Pictomancer lady. Cute face.

Coming Soon...

Wild Magic: Expanded is almost here! Featuring 400 Wild Magic Effects on 4 Tables, 2 New Sub-Classes for Bard and Druid, New Creature Statblocks and New Thematic Feats. All for 5E.


Wild Magic Expanded.png
Might Meals banner.png

and also...


misty spray
messy mess
Paint on the wall
Another splash
squashed circular shadow.
Shade on floor.
Lovecraftian horror lady. Feathered robes and a sinister vibe.
Old wise man with glowing eyes and a branch walking stick.
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